Who here is a fan of the well-known Italian designer, Chiara Ferragni? 

🙋 Known for her pointed flat slip-ons, we named one of our slip-ons after her! Meet the Chiara flats - your perfect chic wear. 


Let's see how we would pair the Chiara flats with! 


1. Back to Basic 

Nothing can go wrong when you're wearing your go-to white shirt and denim pants. The embellishment on our Chiara flats will definitely help elevate your look. 

2. Satin Shirt 


Time to hit the pause button on your basic cotton shirts because we're in for the satin trend! You will be the spotlight of everywhere you go, trust us!!

3. Checkered Shirt 

Get yourself a blazer cum shirt for your work wear to dinner dates outfit. 

January 15, 2020 — Nelissa Hilman