Fashion 101: Lara Flats

All about Lara today - she is the perfect elegance and comfort flats for your everyday wear. 
In this entry, we will show you how to pair Lara in different ensembles. Let's begin! 
This hand woven piece has been the crowd's favourite. 
1. Back to Basic 

Bring out your staple outfit - the white shirt and denim pants! The Lara will definitely help elevate your look and make you look super chic & retro. 

2. Monochrome Day

Get your black & white striped top and pair it with your favourite black pants. Just like the monochromatic flats, why not complete the whole ensemble with more black on white feels? 

3. Sweater Weather

The rainy season is upon us! Grab your favourite sweater/knitwear to keep you warm and comfy. The Lara will be the perfect addition to your ensemble. 


And... voila! Til' our next Fashion 101  👋 

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