All about the ketupat and rendang this month! How was everyone's stay home Raya this year? We still love seeing your OOTD's even if it was just at home! Tag us at @nelissahilman or hashtag #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman
Our classic Iris looks so good on @dyasebelle ! Wear it with a pop of colour and it'll help soften up your look 
Lela oh Lela! Wear her out with everything you own, we’re sure you will look good. Thank you @sherarazi for tagging us! 
Remember Ruby? She's been a crowd favourite and @ayeesha.h slipped her ons and it definitely carried her style. 
A laidback raya calls for Thalia! Loving how @doreeeismail paired hers with the comfiest bright baju kurung. 
We love how @tuanedruce  completed his raya ensemble with a pair of our Taurus sandals! 
Looking for something casual yet will make you stand out? Our Delila is the secret to that combination! Thank you @nnaaaabbiiiill for making our Delila look oh-so-pretty.
August 05, 2020 — Nelissa Hilman