FLOW celebrates joy and gratitude.

This campaign allows us to imagine and create a new collection closely connected to our past collections. With a focus on conscious production, this collection is created from surplus leathers and materials, a step forward in reducing production waste. Our shoes are produced by several small family-run shoe factories that hire locally, supporting and promoting the local ecosystem. Shoe factories are typically at the center of the production line while surrounded by separate and very small independent suppliers.

We're far from building a better solution in eliminating waste from landfills, but we are taking one step at a time to continue to grow (with the flow) for a better future for everyone.

Life is a constant state of flow. More than ever, we put forth gratitude, happiness, and love. To work with the flow and trust the process. Smile more, do more, do less, say no, say yes. Walk, run, climb, swim. Travel more, stay home. The gift is to be alive, to feel, to exist without limitation: your eyes, your voice, your soul, you. What flows, flows. 

12 products

12 products