Make it Happen


For the ultimate homebody. Being confined at home (again) has us all thinking of how to make the most of the present situation. Either you're redecorating your space, learning new recipes or trying to stay fit, physically and mentally, one thing we want to be is comfortable and cosy. We decided to name our first in/outdoor slippers, Make It Happen, the idea of wearing shoes at home to elevate the WFH and stay home experience. 

Something we wanted to be able to do with 'Make It Happen' range was to really step up on all ends of the shoe production processes - to be able to make sure that we could actually reduce production waste.

As part of the FLOW collection, the slippers and scrunchies are created from surplus materials we have produced over the years. This is produced by a family-owned shoe factory in Kuala Lumpur, that supports and promotes the local footwear ecosystem. Shoe factories are typically at the centre while surrounded by separate and independent suppliers. 

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