International Order

International Shipping

We ship worldwide. International delivery depends on two things; location and the weight of the item. Do kindly note that import duties and taxes are not included in the price at checkout. These charges will be collected by the shipping service upon delivery. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine these costs.

The following are details on shipping and delivery costs:

Pairs Country
Singapore Indonesia Taiwan Australia South Korea France USA
Brunei Thailand Macao Japan New Zealand Switzerland United Kingdom
1 RM 40 RM 60 RM 80 RM 90 RM 110 RM 130 RM 160
2 RM 50 RM 75 RM 110 RM 120 RM 150 RM 180 RM 220
3 RM 60 RM 90 RM 130 RM 150 RM 180 RM 220 RM 280
4 RM 70 RM 110 RM 160 RM 180 RM 220 RM 270 RM 340

For international orders, the following is a table of the estimated delivery time to your country.

Country Delivery time Shipped by
Singapore 4-5 business days PosMalaysia
Brunei 7-12 business days PosMalaysia
Indonesia 7-12 business days PosMalaysia
Thailand 7-12 business days PosMalaysia
Australia 7-14 business days PosMalaysia
USA 10-20 business days PosMalaysia
United Kingdom 10-20 business days PosMalaysia