Buat Rumah Sendiri by Sherwan Rozan

Buat Rumah Sendiri by Sherwan Rozan

Photographed by Syazwan A.

The first among a three part installation with Outlet KL, Buat Rumah Sendiri is a project by Sherwan Rozan conceptualised during the pandemic. According to the artist, being forced to stay indoors gives the phrase “make yourself at home” or “buat rumah sendiri" a totally different meaning.

Buat Rumah Sendiri can be an inviting gesture to guests but could also be used as an intrusive way of people making themselves at home too comfortably – overstepping boundaries.

"Your daily or weekly routines are always centered around work outside of the home and coming back to your comfort zone is a form of retreat and a place of rest and relaxation. But when you conflate these two spaces at home, some of us struggle to have that balance, creating new boundaries for ourselves. With the anxiety of the pandemic as well, you are forced to make do with what you have at home – to kind of readjust or realign yourself to being at home. I produced familiar household objects using the plastic chains for the installation like the lamps and vases as a reminder of being at home. The flowers are a celebratory gesture – somewhat like a vigil for the past two years." 

The significance of the interlocking plastic chains is like a metaphor for these past two years – we are all connected and responsible for putting a stop to this virus with everyone playing their part.

The installation ran from November of 2021 to January 2022 at our Bangsar Village II store. 

Sherwan Rozan
Sherwan Rozan is a self-taught graphic artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Sherwan is drawn to overlooked details in spaces, structures and objects that would otherwise seem mundane, contemplating these trivialities and conceptually constructing them as his subjects in an almost compulsive manner to bring into being his own abstract interpretation. The artist has produced numerous art prints, murals, merchandise collaborations and has worked with countless clients, brands and companies, both locally and internationally.


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