Petaling Street

Petaling Street
A temporary stop for some and a marketplace for most, Petaling Street is a stretch in Kuala Lumpur of cultural significance with shops dating back to the era of fresh independence. As we explored a then semi filled 'Chee Cheong Kai' (a name synonymous with street food) as its known to locals, sweet aromatic smells of roasted chesnuts filled the air and accomponied us along our little walk on this delicacy lined street. Among the green awning covered shophouses were heritage shops selling their various knick-knacks, cafe's selling aromatic coffee and pastries, restaurants and food stalls selling traditional Chinese cuisine, bundle shops with goods ready to be haggled and florists with a wide selection of colourful flowers. 
As we made our way to the end of this stretch of commerce, we stopped and took our time to take in the sights. Captivated by the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple we stopped to take pictures along with this historical place of worship built in the 19th century with its rich vibrant colours. Conversations with local vendors inspired us and we returned with images drawn from the streets presence and had our creative spirit re-energized. 


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