Our Top Picks For This Season

Our Top Picks For This Season

Shopping can be a very time consuming activity with almost every store offering a variety of different options, styles and colours. Especially with clothes, the multitude of brands available also offers a selection curated specifically for their version of the ideal look. As time passes there is also a need among the fashionable and sensible to change their colour palette and types of garments following the seasons. To build a capsule wardrobe, one should factor in the change of temperatures, fit, and the sense of individual style that may evolve and develop from time to time.  

So while finding the ideal selection of garments that fit and flatter you for said wardrobe can be a bit of a head scratcher, it definitely will be an endeavour that very well proves its importance. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of clothes from our very own debut Spring Summer 2023 collection that may fit your everyday  requirements this summer! 

1. Embroidered Scuba Sweatshirt

The perfect cuddle buddy during rainy and cold weathers, the scuba sweatshirt provides a layer of soft plushy comfort that you can dress up and down with, from a pair of jeans to any bottom of your choice.     

Cai Jin is wearing the sweatshirt with jeans and Jane Square Toe Slingback Sandals in Gold

2. Caped-panel Poplin Shirt 

Everybody needs a good button down for the occasional dinner dates and trips to the office. The Caped-panel Poplin Shirt comes in three colours, black, khaki and salmon pink along with an added flair to it. As the name suggests, the cape like sleeve adds an additional structure and volume to the shirt, perfect for pairing with a pair of Pleat Panelled pants, an Asymmetrical Skirt or even a pair of jeans. 

Caijin is wearing Caped-panel Poplin Shirt in Khaki  with an Asymmetrical Midi Skirt in Denim White and Darla Lace-up Flat Sandals in Off White

3. Drawstring Midi Dress

If you're looking for a dress thats minimalistic and has the ability to offer a shaped and cinched look as well as a loose coverall silhoutte, the Drawstring Midi Dress could be a necessary addition to the wardrobe. As the name suggests, the dress features a metallic drawstring hardware along with a comfortable silhouette and fit. 

Nina Amin is wearing the Drawstring Midi Dress in Black Denim and Gwen Buckled Square Toe Sandals (Off White)

4. Pleat Panelled Pants

Constructed with a pleat panel on the front, the Pleat Panelled pants is a perfect addition to a look to be built on and pair with to create a modern silhouette for a dinner party with friends or for the office. The versatility of the Pleat Panelled pants allow for it to be paired with tops from button down shirts to sweatshirts. 

Sheena Liam is wearing the Caped-panel Poplin Shirt in Salmon Pink and the Pleat Panelled pants in Grey and Drew Square Toe Loafers in Off White

5. Asymmetrical Skirts

Having first made its debut on the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022 Runway, the Asymmetrical Skirt is the go to skirt for those adding a little flair and drama to their wardrobe while keeping it minimalistic and chic. True to its name, the asymmetrical cut to the skirt can be worn with any tops of your choosing from a steamed and ironed cuffed shirt to casual looks with graphic crewneck shirts to sweatshirts. 

Amanda Soo is in a Folded Cuff Shirt in Copper Orange, Asymmetrical Skirt in Khaki, and a pair of Jane Square Toe Sandals in Mocha

Check out the complete Spring Summer 2023 collection here . 





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