#walkinnelly with Bay Doucet

#walkinnelly with Bay Doucet
Meet Bay Doucet , one of our all time favourite content creator! 


Hi there! So tell us a little bit about yourself :)

- My name is Bay Doucet, I do a bunch of things so often I have no idea how to describe myself, but I'm a graphic designer, content creator, model, photographer among other things! 


How are you enjoying the new normal? 

- I am surprisingly loving it. I enjoy working from home as it allows me to be more flexible with my working schedule, and love the lack of traffic on the roads! 


Top 3 favourite cafes to visit during this time – go!

- OneHalfI llaika (incredible pastries + I recently tried their Coffee Lemonade which I now LOVE),

- RAGE coffee (great for takeaways and super affordable, love their gula melaka latte + egg miso sandwich!),

- FIN KL (my usual go to for RM5 coffees and great lunch bowls!) 


Tell us the best IG food/dessert accounts that we *must* try.

- @taste.t for incredible home baked huge choc chip cookies, 

- @snatch.pastries for aesthetic AND yummy desserts, and 

- @poppycherrypop for beautiful tarts! 


How did you cope staying at home for the past 3 months?

- I loved it, was a little strange at first, but I enjoyed spending time with my mom and cats, and unexpectedly it was one of the busiest times of my life, so thankfully I didn't have time to be bored!  


What was your favourite “me-time” moment while staying home?

- Not really 'me-time', but my favourite moments were from the week my mom and I watched Crash Landing On You every night while having dinner and eating ice cream together, my cat was there with us, and I truly felt so grateful for those moments of family time. 

What is your best fashion advice for everyone out there?

- Dress in whatever way makes YOU feel your most confident and comfortable! That's the most important. Don't let trends dictate how you dress. 


Last but not least! Which pair from our #kotaraya collection is your absolute favourite?

- Delila Block Heels in Cedar Brown! Fell in love the moment I saw them and still hoping to be able to go to the store soon to pick them up! 



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