March 2019

Which Nelissa Hilman's are your favourite pairs? Share with us and stand a chance to be featured on our blog and feed! Here are some of our picks for this month (but don't worry, we love em all!!)
The blue sky and greenery is totally vibin out a peaceful feeling. @nadsyhra stands out with her stylish monochrome outfit with the all time favourite Nadia heels! 
Come by our store and strut a pose in-front of our mirror - we love seeing them! Just like @ariadnaarizal here. Loving the blue on white outfit combination. The Melati bronze absolutely highlighted the whole ensemble, we love!!
Looking for an all pink and floral cafe for brunch? @diyanashah got you covered. She's got her blush pink Shae on and we love how it goes perfectly with everything!
The monochrome trend will never fade out and we absolutely don't mind! @ayusidek's chic formal look is paired together with our white Alaiaa - how perfect is this?