June 2019

It's that time of the year - the celebration of raya! The Potret Raya collection was a success and we thank you for that. We love seeing your raya OOTD's - everyone looks so gorgeous!! Here are some of our picks from this month (we love em all though!).
The Raya sandals are meant for all those quirky fun gals out there. Detailed with bows on its upper straps and slingback - it'll bring out your playful side! Major love for @alyssajohaan's playful baju kurung and goes perfectly with the sandals. 
Team raya KL anyone? @faafirds looking gorgeous than ever with the Intan heels. These heels gives you an elegant silhouette that withstands time and trend. Classic and timeless - just how we like it!
Is @amrh.o walking to get some rendang? Save us some! The Sereni blocked heels are definitely the comfiest heels you'll ever have. You can wear them with everything - baju kurung, work wear and even just plain white t-shirt with jeans! 
@shareenaityrazi is absolutely giving out the gadis melayu vibe. She is standing tall on her glossy white Ruby's and it definitely completed the whole look. Now time to go get some ketupat and rendang, yums!
Ahhh the Lily - the staple must have in every girl's closet. These two strapped squared heels is definitely the crowd's favourite! @asma.nasa's Lily got the chance to balik kampung and we're sure they had a good time.
August 19, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

May 2019

So what's your favourite pair of Nelissa Hilman's? Share with us and stand a chance to get featured on our blog and feed. Keep em' photos coming ladies! Tag us at @nelissahilman or hashtag #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman.
Monochrome with a taste of starry gold? @crystalf00 got that department covered with her star lace up low blocked heels! 
Our Ruby heels is designed to celebrate the 90's with its style. It helps elevate your look without even trying. @weekendfrocks copped herself a pair in the glossy white and she is working it!
The Iris heels are fitted for any outfit - nothing can go wrong with this sleek block heels! @julznatasha went casual and paired it with a pair of classic white denim.
We love everything about this photo! From the calm serene background to @chaowayyh's gorgeous ensemble. She even got the Alya sandals to keep her company!
August 19, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

April 2019

Who doesn't love a good OOTD? We definitely do, especially when we see a pair of Nelissa Hilman's! Don't shy away from the camera and tag us - we will absolutely send some love your way. 
Snap a quick picture whenever you're walking around in your pair of Nelissa Hilman. @_tatisss_ stopped by the steps and immediately captured her Mia sandals!
Our classic point-toe silhouette are made to turn heads around. @farhanahfauzy completed her chic ensemble with our black Classic 100 pumps!
We love everything about this photo! From the cute ensemble to the choices of shoes in store. @sherarazi seen donning Alaiaa in white.
The Stella's are meant to keep you company during your weekend weddings. @tiazaini's blue-green hue sure would be a show stopper, look how gorgeous!
August 19, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

March 2019

Which Nelissa Hilman's are your favourite pairs? Share with us and stand a chance to be featured on our blog and feed! Here are some of our picks for this month (but don't worry, we love em all!!)
The blue sky and greenery is totally vibin out a peaceful feeling. @nadsyhra stands out with her stylish monochrome outfit with the all time favourite Nadia heels! 
Come by our store and strut a pose in-front of our mirror - we love seeing them! Just like @ariadnaarizal here. Loving the blue on white outfit combination. The Melati bronze absolutely highlighted the whole ensemble, we love!!
Looking for an all pink and floral cafe for brunch? @diyanashah got you covered. She's got her blush pink Shae on and we love how it goes perfectly with everything!
The monochrome trend will never fade out and we absolutely don't mind! @ayusidek's chic formal look is paired together with our white Alaiaa - how perfect is this?
August 19, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

February 2019

Thank you for always tagging us on your OOTD's - we love seeing them! If you're ever looking for ideas or inspirations on how to work our pair of shoes, you can always go through the hashtags #nelissahilman or #walkinnelly. Don't forget to tag us too (@nelissahilman) !
We're loving this tropical vibe from @joanjytan. She's walking through Chinese New Year with bold red and printed ensemble. To tie the whole outfit together, she paired her star lace up blocked heels and doesn't she just look gorgeous?
Grab your favourite white shirt & denim and you're good to go!  @syaalalainthemorning combined the outfit with our Dewi sandals. The Dewi sandals are designed with faux leather crossover with suede and we absolutely love the combination.
Head on over to your favourite cafes and strike a pose! See how @dayangatul does it featuring the oh-so-lovely Shae mules.
Beat the Monday blues like @amaleenaaaaaaa. Blue hues all over with a gorgeous red bag! We love how stylish she looks, especially in those Darla mules. 
August 19, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

January 2019

Let's walk into the new year with your comfort pairs of Nelissa Hilman! We love seeing your OOTD's and how gorgeous you pair them with our shoes. Be sure to tag us at @nelissahilman and hashtag #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman. Here's some of our picks to kick off the year!
It's the new year but the Tessa's are still a major hit! @alyssaaishahshahrir looks so good in her ripped jeans and blazer alongside the Tessa. Everything about the ensemble screams chic goodness!
Looking good there @_nurizzatiromli! Don't you just love her OOTD? She got her Seri sandals to keep her company. And what else can a girl ask for really?
Love love love @makeupbyumminasir's  ensemble! Every girl needs her own little black dress don't you agree? And look how she tied together the whole look with a pair of Saloma - definitely all eyes on her!
Trust @sherarazi to show you how to work a pair of our shoes. Her dark hued ensemble is instantly popping that lovely white Alaiaa. 
August 08, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

December 2018

Do you have a favourite pair of our shoes? Share with us and stand a chance to get featured on our blog and feed. Keep em' photos coming - tag us at @nelissahilman and hashtag us #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman.
Nothing beats the feeling of getting sun-kissed - the comfort warmth feel. @bellakuan is most definitely enjoying the glow! Major love for her mono hue outfit. To kick it simple, she paired the ensemble with our Maya sandals.

@makeupbyumminasir is walking around the city with a pair of Alaiaa. No complaints after all that walk because they're definitely comfortable, we lovee!
How cute is this?! @khalidahnazihah and her gal pals are spotted wearing the same shade of our Duma piece and we're loving it. You know what to do - bring your friends to our store and get yourselves a matching pair as well!! 
@nelissahilman_ and Ezra enjoying the serene background on a swing chair and we're obsessed with it! Our gal boss is spotted wearing the Isabel Sandal. It could be your go-to weekend sandals as well!
@fiqahafizi is living on cloud nine - literally! We love how she's dressed matched with the clouds. She then coordinates her outfit with a pair of Shae - how cute!!
August 08, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

November 2018

Best part of your day is definitely wearing your #nelissahilman! Just like you, we love how comfy our shoes are. Pair it with your everyday wear and you're ready to go!
The Tessa's are back again! Don't you love these sandals? A simple yet an elegant pair (who doesn't love pearls on their sandals?) @imanouchka kept it simple with her ensemble and everything made perfect with that Tessa!
Look who we spotted by the steps? Of course its the lovely Lisa Surihani - Malaysia's sweetheart! @lisasurihani looks so chill and laidback in her pair of Suri low blocked heels. Just how we like it.
From 9-5 workwear to your everyday brunch meetings, the Ruth has got you covered! Just like @imanouchka , you can pair it with your favourite denim and top it together with an oversized blazer and you're good to go!
We love everything about this picture! From the concrete green background to the elegant outfit, @hydejaafar is totally winning the OOTD game! 
August 08, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

October 2018

Don't these ladies look oh-so-gorgeous - especially in their #nelissahilman! Post your OOTD's so we can send some love your way. Tag us at @nelissahilman and hashtag us at #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman.
Neutral colour palettes are definitely the best go-to's. We're in love with how @bilmusa added a pop of colour with her gold Vera sandals to her ensemble!
@asma.nasa is always killing it with her outfits! Major love for the co-ord ensemble. This elegant look is stylishly paired together with the most comfortable pumps, the Classic 100. 
Walking around and spotting a nice wooden wall to OOTD is definitely a good feeling. @sheera_k found herself infront of a white wooden wall which goes perfectly well with her monochromatic outfit - as well as her Suri! 
We love seeing your smiles in your OOTD's. @aimiemyzura looking happy as ever! Maybe it has something to do with that comfy sandals she's spotted wearing ;) The Tessa's has always been the crowd's favourite and we can tell its hers too!
August 08, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman

September 2018

Thank you for always tagging us on your OOTD's - we love seeing them! You can find other OOTD inspirations through the hashtag #walkinnelly or #nelissahilman. Don't forget to tag us (@nelissahilman) !
Ahh would love a quick beach getaway right about now! We love how good @hydejaafar look by the beach in her Alya sandals. These sandals are definitely a great holiday company.
All smiles when you're walking around town in a pair of Nelissa Hilman. @aretun is definitely enjoying her time out in the city in our comfiest heels. 
Look at how gooorgeouss @annieaaris is as she steps outside in a pair of Ruth blocked heels - matched with a bold pink skirt and the cutest basket bag! 
Trust @jackyhussein to look so stylish in her t-shirt and lovely skirt. And the bonus point - paired with our lovely Dewi! 
August 08, 2019 — Nelissa Hilman