#walkinnelly with Alyssa Johaan

#walkinnelly with Alyssa Johaan

Say hello to your girl next door - Alyssa Johaan

Hi there! So tell us a little bit about yourself :)

- My name is Alyssa, born and raised in the tropical city of Kuala Lumpur. I'm currently doing my masters in Strategic Marketing but when I'm not being a business student, I love creating content of style, educating myself on current social issues through books or podcasts, cooking wholesome meals and just visiting new cities and countries whenever there is an opportunity. 


How are you enjoying the new normal? 

- Appreciating every moment more than ever. If it was one thing the last 2 months of the MCO has taught me was to appreciate things more than you did before - even the little things like picking up your favourite takeaway, going over to a friend's house to eat etc. It's more like a new world really - we're more wary of our surroundings and well beings and we are only at places if it is truly necessary. I'm enjoying this new normal, one day at a time. 



Top 3 favourite cafes to visit during this time – go!

- One Half x Ilaika at Taman Paramount 

- Lisette's Cafe at Bangsar 

- Niko Neko Matcha at Bangsar (although they are not open for dine ins yet, taking away some of their iced matcha latte is always a good idea)


Tell us the best IG food/dessert accounts that we *must* try.

@allabout.chew - could have their cookies all the time if I could.. 

@thebakersnote - best matcha tarts I've had! 

@nakedcakekl - i love their funfetti cake and was always a good "pick me up" throughout my time at home 

@mymamamiha - my favourite carrot cupcakes - it's so moist and rich in flavour 

@cookingwithmars - banana pudding at its best! so creamy and especially enjoyed this while i watching a movie at night 



How did you cope staying at home for the past 3 months?

- I followed a routine on most days because that was what kept me going as though our days were normal. I like to plan my daily activities on my Google Cal app or planner so I was still doing that in the last 3 months but just for home activities and things to do! From work, creating content, cooking, spending time with my family etc. At the same time, I also made a point to call up my friends every now and then, whether they were in KL or overseas and we would FaceTime or Zoom for hours. It was always nice to end the day with familiar voices even though we were a screen away from each other. 



What was your favourite “me-time” moment while staying home?

- Cooking! I cook more than I bake so everyday for lunch I would look out for new recipes to follow and take my time to prepare the ingredients and cook. That was my favourite "me-time" moment cause it was always me alone in the kitchen and I would either have a playlist of songs or a podcast in the background for me to listen to while I cook. 



What is your best fashion advice for everyone out there?

- Dress for you and always be comfortable and confident, however way you want it to be. At the end of the day, you are dressing for yourself to feel and look good :) 


Last but not least! Which pair from our #kotaraya collection is your absolute favourite?

- So hard to pick! Lela in warm taupe because she's made for everything you can think of - staying home, running errands or just watching the world go by.




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