Future Steps

By March 2022, we've collected ~1100kg of used shoes. 

Future Steps is an initiative between Nelissa Hilman and Kloth Cares to responsibly dispose of used and worn shoes and provide footwear for communities in need. Contribute to circular fashion by diverting shoes from landfill, donate your unwanted shoes to Kloth Cares and give them a new lease of life. 

Our aim was to collect 2,000kg of used shoes by December 2021. Due to positive response we received, we are extending the program until end March 2022. Currently, we are no longer accepting recycled shoes. 

Why recycle shoes?

We believe that fashion is art lived daily, uniquely expressing one's style but more and more, valuable pieces are kept hidden and forgotten in (shoe) closets. We want consumers to see fashion's long-lasting value, shift towards a circular supply chain, divert shoes and clothing from landfills, and reuse or recycle.

The lifespan of a shoe continues after the wearer has decided its useful life is over. It's important to factor this in as the likely destination of used shoes is a landfill site. Only a tiny portion of shoes follow the alternative routes of reuse and recycling. Even then, the ultimate endpoint is still landfill - it is just postponed (rather than eliminated).

There's a long list of materials within any pair of shoes: Footwear is tough to recycle. One shoe can contain up to 40 different types of material, many of which are stitched or glued together, making it difficult to separate all the materials for recycling.

We still have a lot to learn, and we believe that pan-industry initiatives and partnerships are a great way to move forward.



What is Kloth Cares?

Kloth is a Social Enterprise that aims to keep fabrics out of landfills and give them a new life and purpose.

How does sending in my worn and used shoes create a positive social impact?

We send your worn and used shoes to Kloth Cares. They then sort them into categories and send them to developing countries such as Africa and Pakistan. These shoes will be given to micro-entrepreneurs, enabling them to clean, repair, and resell the shoes in their communities. 

What type of shoes do you accept?

You may donate all types of shoes. However, the most wanted and high-value kinds of shoes are flip-flops, flats, sneakers and boots. You may also donate shoes that are not in pairs.

How does sending in my worn and used shoes reduce my impact on the environment?

Shoes in landfills and oceans take a long time to decompose and release harmful toxins into the surrounding environment. By sending your shoes to us, you reduce the chances of them ending up in those places and extending their lifespan and usage.

Can I send in my used clothes or unwanted fabrics?

No, but you can find the closest Kloth donation bin on their website. Most importantly, try never to throw your clothes and fabrics in the garbage, even if they’re beyond use.

For more info on Kloth Cares, click here. Find a bin here.