What does sustainability mean to us?

As a small and local business, we are passionate about protecting both the planet and its inhabitants. We are consistently looking for ways we can reduce our environmental impact and support other small and local businesses around us. For us, sustainability means a conscious effort to source, produce, consume and dispose of resources ethically and responsibly. We are continuing to broaden and learn about sustainability and we will share latest updates on our journey towards being more sustainable. 

On Materials

Via our factories, we have relationship with mills to understand the characteristics of materials for our shoe-uppers. From 2021, our shoe-uppers are tested and adhere to European standards. 

We aim for circularity, which means we use recycled material where we can, extend the life of our materials, and are committed to helping customers increase the lifespan of their shoes. One of our main focuses is finding ways to reuse and recycle wherever possible throughout the design and production process.  

Our Factories

Since launching, our shoes have been produced by small family-owned factories located around Malaysia. Over time and regular visits, we've built strong relationships with our factories and worked with them to improve our quality. Producing locally ensures a lower carbon footprint. We're proud of our factories and their efforts to ensure good working conditions for our makers.

Product Lifecycle

We make shoes meant to last you a long time while being versatile enough to be worn for different occasions. Our test-and-repeat model means that we have very little 'post-production' waste. We order minimum quantities of each item and then only re-order the lines that are selling well. 

We're currently researching options for recycling prototypes and damaged products we cannot donate or reuse and are working towards building partnerships with organizations to donate samples and lightly worn products.

Here are some example of our best practices:

  • Our leather collection is crafted in limited quantities, from surplus leather by a certified Italian tannery.
  • Our Make it Happen collection of home slippers and hair scrunchies are made of surplus materials we've collected over the years.
  • Additionally, the outsole of our shoes is produced locally and 10% of the outsole is made of reclaimed rubber.
  • Our shoe boxes, delivery boxes and cartons are produced locally and made with 50% recycled paper.