Our Story

We're women led!

In 2011, then-chemical engineer Nelissa Hilman decided to pursue shoemaking at the POLIMODA Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. The opportunity opened up her world to the immense world of art and fashion. Combining her passion for science and arts, she established her namesake footwear label in 2012.

Nelissa Hilman designs shoes that celebrate women. When trying to craft the perfect pair of shoes, emphasis is given on classic design with distinctive youthfulness, comfort, sustainable material, and craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted locally to revitalize the heritage of the Malaysian shoemaking industry. Since its inception, Nelissa Hilman has actively collaborated with local and international fashion designers, visual artists, and design studios. 

10 years in the making

Since 2012, we've been thoughtfully creating shoes that celebrate women. When trying to make the perfect pair of shoes, we look at classic design but with a distinctive youthfulness for the extra beat in your step. We emphasize comfort without compromising style and try our best to use sustainable materials and expert craftsmanship.

Proudly Malaysian

Our shoes are handcrafted locally to pay homage to the Malaysian shoemaking industry—a community of makers that have been around for almost a century. We want to ensure that the excellent work of many suppliers in the area, who succeed in providing good jobs and good working conditions, aren’t undermined. 

Producing in small batches

Unlike fast fashion brands, we produce our collection in small numbers and only reproduce exceptional designs. Our test-and-repeat model means that we have very little 'post-production' waste. We order minimum quantities of each item and then only re-order the lines that are selling well. This is to make sure that our shoes are made intentionally and loved and used for a long time.

Responsibly sourced materials

We try to source our materials locally to minimize our products' ecological footprint. Our leathers are premium stock leathers, which are sourced directly from Italian tanneries.

From 2021, our non-leather materials are sourced from China (as Malaysia is not a material producing country) and conform to the European standards. Our outsoles are produced locally with 10% recycled rubber. 

Reducing waste

To reduce waste, we've been working towards more sustainable packaging. The shoeboxes, courier boxes, and cartons used to transport shoes are locally produced and made from 50% recycled paper.


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