The Eid Edit: High Heels

The Eid Edit: High Heels

A continuation of our series of highlights on heels and shoes that can accompany you this Eid and after, here is our edit and selection for mid heels to high heels. What separates these beauties are as the name suggests, their height, mid heels stand tall at a 2.5 inch height, its sister companion, the high heel stands taller at 3.5 inches or more.

Height difference also serves as an important part on the comfort factor of heels that you may have chosen and while it may be more comfortable to walk in longer hours on a mid heel, with the proper construction and materials as well as practice on your end, you can be comfortable on high heels too! 

Mid Heels

Nadia Crossover Block Heel Sandals

Designed as a mix between masculine and feminine, Nadia Crossover Block Heel Sandals features crossover straps, an ankle strap, and an open square toe design. At a height of 2 inches, Nadia is perfect for those looking to stand tall while still staying comfortable and roomy in three different colours. Black Croc-Effect for those looking to add a dark toned staple into their collection, Cool Grey for those looking for a cooler tone and lastly, a rich Mauve colour for those interested in adding a deep purple tone to their look. 

Aura Embellished Ankle Strap Block Heels

Aura, designed with a round toe and a low block heel for added comfort, is the one in mind for for walking down the aisle, everyday wear and even for Eid. An addition to the second part of our Spring Summer 2023 collection, Aura also features a gem embellishment on the ankle straps to keep your feet snug and tight. Available in two colours, Aura comes in a holographic Rainbow shade and a glimmering metallic Gold

Stella Ankle Strap Heel Sandals

A cousin and a predecessor of the Aura Block Heel, Stella features a similar albeit more subdued ankle strap, a round toe and a strap in the front. Stella also features a narrow 2.5 inch heel letting you stand tall and stand apart. Available in three colours, a colourful yet soft Pink, a metallic Gold, and a neutral earth toned Mocha

Arwen Tubular Strap Sandals

A sexier and strappier pair of Nelissa Hilman heels, Arwen is designed with 2.5 inch heels, interlocking straps and a open square toe. Pick a pair up to elevate a casual look or to compliment an evening look for the night outs. Pair Arwen with a Baju Kebaya and you’re more than ready to conquer trips around your “kampungs”! Arwen is available in three colours from a cool and neutral toned Cool Grey, a colourful and pastel Sage Green and finally, a “blend-in” and always match-able Black

High Heels

Aura Embellished Ankle Strap Heels 

The taller and more dominant sibling of the Aura Ankle Strap Block Heels, this pair combines both the sharpened and tailored design favoured on the Love Gem Embellished with an ankle strap and gem embellishments. Standing tall at 3.5 inch, Aura was designed with the confident modern woman who has it all. Pair it with a set of Baju Kurung for a more stately Eid look and wear it with a dress for those pre planned exquisite evening plans. Available in three colours, Aura comes in three main colours, a shimmering metalllic Gold, a holographic silver Rainbow, and finally a pearly Black

Rosie Embellished Strappy Wedges

You can never go wrong with a pair of statement wedges. Designed with a gem embellished two strap and padded insole, the Rosie Wedge is comfortable, minimalistic yet glimmering bright as a statement piece. Its square toe padded sole gives you comfort and style while you make your rounds this Eid. Some statement pieces are meant to be worn and loved in and this is such a piece. Available in an eggshell creamy Off White, a metallic Silver and finally a Pearly White that helps you stand tall and stand out. 

Rosie Embellished Pointy Mules

To accompany with its sister pair of the same name, this Rosie is a pointed heel mule with a singular gem embellished strap that helps keep your feet snuggled comfortably and safely in the heel. An elevated pair for night outs and dinner dates, the Rosie is a stand out with 9cm heels and a metallic finish to its upper. This season, our focus and love is on all things glimmering and metallic so pair your Rosie’s with a similar tone and stand tall and stand out among the crowd. For those looking for a truly metallic finish, the Rosie is available in Silver, Gold and a gorgeous Pearl White for those looking for a true white moment. 

Love Embellished Strappy Heels

Finally, the belle of the ball and a crowd favourite, the Love Gem Embellished Heels is a 3.5 inch tall asymmetrical strap heel paired with a pointed toe. This is the pair for dressing up and elevating an outfit with. While she may be a tall heel, the Love Gem Embellished Heel is still able to keep you comfortable with its padded insole and microfibre. Available in four colours, Love comes in a glimmering varnished Black, a metallic Gold, a creamy Off White and lastly, a Pearl White


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