The Eid Edit: Flats and Low Heels

The Eid Edit: Flats and Low Heels

As Eid draws nearer, the rush to complete the seemingly never ending checklist for Raya will appear even more daunting. From fresh ingredients to cook with to new decorations and new threads to adorn, this is a marathon that helps you kickstart and rejuvenate the rest of your year with a brand new outlook and an added spring in your step. As you aim to complete the rush, any help and final boosts towards the final sprint heading into Eid will definitely be beneficial. With that in mind,  to make the customary practice of presenting yourself in your very definition of Raya’s best easier, here is a list that we have compiled, to help you filter through and pick the perfect match to look your very best on that first day of Eid. 

Flat Heels

Aurora Flat Mules (Pink)

For those favoring comfort along with a touch of colorful whimsy, the aurora flat heel mules is the perfect choice. Available in pink, the Aurora is designed as an square open toe pair of flats that can help easily transition you from Raya mood to an everyday day to night look. While flat heels can at times help present a more casual look, the square toe mule design helps add a tiny bit of stately flair to the pair. Its magnetic colour and versatile design aside, the flats helps keep you comfortable while you take trips visiting your relatives and friends. 

Calla Scalloped Flat Sandals

This pair is a suitable pairing for those looking to create a grounded look for Raya. Pair the Calla along with a traditional set of Baju Kurung in lighter and creamier colours to accompany you for a days worth of “kunjung mengunjung”. The Calla comes in three colourways, Mauve - for those looking for a more feminine colourway, Mocha - to those looking to have a versatile colour that matches with the majority of your basic colours such as white and black, and finally, Sage Green- for those wanting to complete a more floral ensemble. 

Darya Bow-Tie Flat Sandals 

Introduced as part of the Spring Summer 2022 lineup, the Darya is a slingback pair of flats that features a web of strappy faux leather and a chic bow tie at the front. This bow tie adds a feminine sense and touch to the pair while still keeping you snug and comfortable with its padded insole. Available in three colourways, the Darya comes in Black, Burgundy and Gold. All rich and deep toned colours, perfect to bring you an added sense of feminine depth to your completed look. 

Gwen Buckled Square Toe Sandals 

Another square toe favourite, this low wedge covered pair was designed for the ladies looking for a more mature and bold piece for their wardrobe. Gwen stands out with its chunky buckles and padded soles and can come in handy when it comes to picking your shoes out of a line up at your relatives house while going around visiting during this Raya season. Gwen comes in three different colours, Blush, Ebony and Off White.

Low Heels

Amore Embellished Strappy Mules

The latest addition to our lineup of Spring Summer 2023 heels, Amore Embellished heels are designed as a square toe pump on kitten heels. Keep this adorable pair on hand for weddings, day outs to add a touch of flair to muted looks, and for Raya, wear the more creamier colourways of the Amore with your Baju Raya’s. The Amore comes in three colourways, Gold - for the more metallic and sharper touch, Pearl White - for a classic and sweeter combination, Off White for a creamy and softer touch to your look. 

Jane Square Toe Slingback Sandals

Another new addition to our Spring Summer 2023 lineup, the Jane Square Toe as its name suggests, feature a square open toe design along with a unique round block heel. The asymmetrical upper also features a slingback and a secure toe “ring” to keep you snug while you continue around your day making appearances at open houses during Raya. Available in three colours, the Jane Square Toe Slingbacks, comes in a metallic Gold, a deeply rich Mocha, and a creamy Off White

Zaynab Crossover Sandals 

Often described as a pilowy snug low heel, the Zaynab is a crossover square toe padded to the clouds in three gorgeous colours. Pair that with a down to earth low heel, the Zaynab is yet another match made in heaven for those looking for a pair to accompany with on long walks this Raya. For those looking to add a splash of colour to their wardrobe, go for the Mustard pair with deep yellow hues, Black for those looking for a staple colour and Light Brown for the neutral earth tones. 

Afra Double Strap Heel Sandals 

Inspired by its sister heel, Lily, Afra is a two strap low heel with a square open toe design. Available in 4 colours, this crowd favourite comes in a pearly White for those adding a bit of a contrasting gleam to their look, a pastel Lilac for the ones looking to add colour to their wardrobe, deep rich tones of Burgundy for the those looking for a darker pair, and finally, Latte, perfect for the ones looking to add a minimalistic neutral tone to their outfit for the day. 


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