3 Best Sandals For Men

sandals for men

In the era of classic menswear, are sandals still à la mode for men?

But then, who in their right minds wouldn’t ditch shoes for some open-toed, comfy footwear? 

Being one of the most contentious apparels for men, sandals are often deemed as inappropriate, unattractive, unsuitable. And the thesaurus goes on. 

We beg to differ. 

With sweltering weather all year round in our country, it’s best for us to embrace the heat with open arms or open toes, anyhow. 

But if you’re still wearing your old pops’ sloppy slip-ons around, it’s about time to bid them adieu. Swipe left, swipe left. 

You’d want to set your toes free in style AND snatch hearts along the way. Like they say, killing two birds with one stone. 

In this piece, you’ll find out all the best ways to rock your men sandals. 

Tips to rock sandals for men 

sandals for men

  • Happy feet, happy s(oul)ole

Taking care of your feet requires intricate labour of love. And while you expose them wearing sandals, make sure that they’re well taken care of. 

If your feet look like the devil incarceration or anything close to that, you might get a lot of backlash for wearing sandals. 

Yes, a pedicure isn’t the manliest thing for you to opt for, but perhaps it’s time for you to join your girlfriend on her mani-pedi day. 

  • Pay more for more

Your feet deserve better than gimcrack flip-flops. With that said, invest in high-quality sandals. If you want to wear sandals, you need to step up your game. 

Get a pair with great arch support and cushioning, and looks outstanding for all the right reasons. 

The absolute top-tier sandals for men should be versatile enough to take you from your favourite cafe to the beach and never seem out of place. 

They should be comfortable enough for you to be out in the streets for hours instead of a few minutes of taking out the trash. 

  • Dress up, look sharp

Fellas, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. 

While sliders, and flip-flops, aren't the cup of tea in formal settings, leather sandals are a terrific way to get a smart-casual style that's ideal for flexible dress codes. 

If you're wearing sandals to work or for a particular occasion, be sure they're of decent quality. 

A bold office appearance that sets your feet free, aka sandals, is good to pair with pin-rolled black slacks and a shirt. 

Keep your outfit monochrome and avoid gaudy prints to pull off the vibe. 

This doesn't necessarily have to be black, white, or grey; simply choose a colour scheme and stay with it.

Thinking of getting yourself a pair of sandals? We’ve compiled the best ones for you.

3 Best Sandals for Men 

1. MEN'S TAURUS SANDALS (BLACK) by Nelissa Hilman

    sandals for men

    Nelissa Hilman’s Taurus two-strap sandals have reigned supreme in the sandal world in today’s modern fashion for a reason: an unrivalled combination of comfort, quality, and design. 

    Locally handcrafted in Malaysia, their sandals are made of high-quality leather and set on a contoured footbed that perfectly moulds to your feet. 

    Taurus men’s sandals fit into an everyday wear paired with chinos, khakis, or even jeans.

    They also run true to size, so you don’t have to get all worked up on returns.  

    Get Yours Here!

    2. MEN'S ARIES SANDALS (BLACK) by Nelissa Hilman

      sandals for men

      Handcrafted by local artisans, the double-strap Aries men’s sandals appear more costly than they actually are. 

      They’re breezy, dressy, and ready to be paired with some sleek shades for your all-day outing. 

      With black croc-stamped leather and minimal blue highlights, everything about the sandals is screaming to be teamed with straight-cut denim or wide-leg linen pants. 

      The insoles of this leather pair come with cushions and a leather-board footbed; you’ll be walking on clouds all day long. 

      Get Yours Here!


        sandals for men


        sandals for men


        Men's indoor and outdoor slippers. Elevate your stay and work from home experience. Bonus: these slippers can also be worn outdoors (yay!). 

        We're adding these to our classic offering and it is available in limited quantities.


        Nelissa Hilman is a women led Malaysian footwear label with emphasis on sustainability, comfortability and excellent craftmanship. Since its establishment, Nelissa Hilman has actively cooperated with local and worldwide fashion designers, visual artists, and design studios with the goal in creating a perfect pair of shoes with a classic yet youthful style that inspires confidence in the wearer. 




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