Return To Your Roots by Afi Sulaiman

Return To Your Roots by Afi Sulaiman

As a three-part series with our collaboration with Outlet_KL, Return To Your Roots by Afi Sulaiman is a reference to a cultural and mental mindset that serves as a reminder and an ode to growing up and an assimilation of many oddities. 

This art installation conveys the thoughts in Afi's head that are right in her sense of mind but only confused when driven by external forces.

"I often deem myself as a thinker inside the box, filled with layered thoughts jumbled up together. The use of materials in the form of flowers as well as other objects depict my mind that sometimes is a delight with its colours, whimsicality and randomness. However, there are times when my thoughts feel tightened and burst into a labyrinth of chaos and messiness, sometimes even escaping outside of the box. "

This art installation seeks to bring a sense of wonder and confusion among its audience because that is often how the artist perceives life. The installation hopes to inspire its audience that it is okay to think outside the box and not fit in societal norms.

Check out the installation running through March 2022  at our Bangsar Village II store.


Afi Sulaiman
Afi Sulaiman is a 26-year old budding artist who explores art through illustrations, stories and more. Through her work, Afi also wants to bring awareness to the people around her regarding the importance of food culture through the appreciation of art. In the words of the artist, her art will always be for the young and hungry and the young-at-heart, to feel a sense of nostalgia and innocence in this "big, scary world."



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