Our Favourite Pair of Low Heels

Our Favourite Pair of Low Heels

Everyone who loves women’s shoes has at least a pair of heels in their closet but not everyone loves wearing them. Especially if it is stilettos for various reasons.

Flats, another form of heels can be the more comfortable option as it places lesser tension in the Achilles tendon and can help you feel more comfortable.

For those looking for heels with maximum comfortability while still looking good and confident, let’s explore your options.

Nadia Crossover Block Heel Sandals in Mauve

Block heels offer the chief advantage of adding height without putting strain on your feet as they spread your body weight throughout the heels.

Standing tall at 2 inches, the lining is made up of microfibre and padded insole for added comfort.

If you have never had block heels in your collection, Nadia Crossover Block Heel Sandals is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

With two colors to explore and play with, Mauve and Black with Croc-Effect, they are a playful pair that goes well with any style.

Petra Covered Mules in Ebony

Petra Covered Mules stands at 1.5” or 5 cm with microfiber and padded insoles as a lining for added comfort. Perfect for those looking for a pair of covered mules with slight elevation.

Its rounded-toe and minimalist design comes with kitten heels and buttery upper that makes walking around comfortable.

Available in two color choices, Ebony and Cappuccino, Petra’s are made to complement any style for any occasion.

Teryn D’orsey Heel Pumps in Cool Grey

For an elegant and comfortable option, Teryn D’orsey Heel Pumps is a must-have.

Available in two colors, Cool Grey and Mocha, these pumps come with 2.5 inch kitten heels and a flattering silhouette. Making it a suitable slip-on for evening outings or work events.

Skye Mary Jane Pumps in Blush

Mary Jane shoes are named after a cartoon character Buster Brown’s sweetheart, Mary Jane.

Named after a crowd favourite cartoon character, Mary Janes are as prim as it is proper, with side buckles and a 1.5 inch (5cm) heels.

An essential classic, Skye Mary Jane pumps are available in Ebony and Blush, suitable for any occasion.

The materials making up Skye Mary Jane pumps are exactly like Petra Covered mules, crafted to provide comfort and style.

Aurora Heel Mules in Blush

Who could say no to square open-toed block heels especially in pastel colors such as Blush and Mint Green? Not us!

This new addition to Nelissa Hilman’s Aurora line stands at a comfortable 1.5 inches height.

Have these on and your looks will be instantly elevated without compromising comfortability!

Celina Buckled Slingback Pumps

The ever-flattering Celina Buckled Slingback pumps have subtle heels at 1.5 inches (5cm) and adjustable slingback buckle for comfortability.

With point closed-toe shape and 3 color options (Blush, Mocha and Off White), Celina is a must-have in your pumps collection.

The Blush and Off White options come with croc-effects giving a contemporary finish makes any outfit you pair them with look expensive.

Iris Square Toe Pumps in Burgundy

For a more classic look, the Iris Square Toe pumps are the perfect match for it's ability to complement any looks. 

Standing tall at 1.5 inches (5cm), Iris Square Toe pumps are designed with a soft upper and small squared-toe silhouette.

With 3 color options– Burgundy, Cappuccino and Black, you can never go wrong with any of these.

Fern Peep-Toe Mules in Cool Grey

Fern Peep-Toe mules is the best option for minimalists as they are designed with elegant simplicity.

This slip-on is designed to make you feel comfortable and stylish at 2.5 inches tall.

Fern Peep-Toe mules are perfect for any occasion with four color options– Sage Green, Black Croc-Effect, Mocha Croc-Effect and Cool Grey.

And our list goes on and on but we hope this helps you narrow down your options for shoes appropriate to your daily routine be it big or small.



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