Installation by Sharina Shahrin (2017)

Installation by Sharina Shahrin (2017)

In celebration of #PinkOctober, Nelissa Hilman collaborates with artist Sharina Shahrin for a special in-store art installation. 

The Installation is a physical representation that 1 out of 20 women in Malaysia will experience breast cancer in their lifetime or have dealt with a friend of family member with breast cancer and the installation act as a reminder of it's presence in our lives. 

The installation runs at the Nelissa Hilman @ Bangsar Village from October 4th to November 6th.



Nelissa Hilman is a women led Malaysian footwear label with emphasis on sustainability, comfortability and excellent craftmanship. Since its establishment, Nelissa Hilman has actively cooperated with local and worldwide fashio designers, visual artists, and design studios with the goal in creating a perfect pair of shoes with a classic yet youthful style that inspires confidence in the wearer. 



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