Made in Malaysia Bridal Shoes

Made in Malaysia Bridal Shoes

An outfit pairing constantly associated with weddings are, heels! Regardless if you’re the bride, bridesmaid or even if you’re the wedding guest, everybody needs a little lift while looking stunning and feeling comfortable. For such a big and joyous occasion, we have compiled a selection of shoes that can help you tick all the right boxes while keeping your feet snuggled comfortably. 

Saloma Pointed Toe Strappy Sandals in White

A classic pointed toe is a classic that will never fail to bring an extra flair to your outfit. A pair of Saloma’s with its straps will provide you with both grip and comfort. Suitable for bridesmaids on their errands to make sure things go smoothly. Standing at 3.5 inches tall, Saloma heels come in three different colourways that allows you to mix and match them with the bridalwear of your choice and your everyday wear. 

Lela Strappy Heel Sandals in Off White 

If you are not used with high heels, mid heels are suitable for you as they give you the extra inch you need for that very special occasion. For a wedding reception, Lela strappy sandals come to mind with its 2 inch tall height and intertwining front straps. An ideal blend of comfort and style, Lelas’s can help you stand out and tall while making sure your feet are nestled comfortably by the altar or beside it. 

Lily Strappy Heel Sandals in Mauve

One of our crowd favorites is the Lily Strappy Heel Sandals, because who doesn’t love a single-soled, two strapped pair of square heels? 

These 3.5 inches square heels give off a minimalistic and delicate look, and easy to work with any type of outfit and definitely perfect for a wedding!

Ruby Strappy Heel Sandals in Lilac 

Ruby Strappy Heel Sandals is all about looking and feeling luxurious. Feel like you're walking on the air  with these 3.5 inch strappy heels, suitable for every style you have in mind. Coming in three other colors (Lilac, White, and Mocha), these heels will make you look and feel elegant, necessary traits for the happiest day of your life. 

Kesuma Pleated Heel Mules in Latte 

Mules are all about comfort and easy accessibility and we are all here for it. If you prefer closed-toe mules, the Kesuma Pleated Heel Mules could help you fill that need. With a height of 1.5 inches, a pointed toe and a V-shape opening, these heels will make your feet ready to shimmer while feeling comfortable in a wedding. 

Farah Macramé Heel Sandals in Brown 

These wide strap handcrafted 3.5 inch macramé-inspired upper sandals in square toe is a delightful conversational piece for any wedding reception. Coming in three different colourways, these gorgeous heels have quickly become a fan favourite with its wearability at and out of a wedding. 

Myra Twist Strap Sandals in Light Brown 

A reimagined sister of Ruth, an old crowd favorite, the Myra Twist Strap Sandals feature a 3 inch block heel along with a twisst in the strap. They are suitable for when the theme is favourably on the traditional side, the criss-cross details on the heels will adds to the traditional and classic south east asian style that we all love and adore. 

Aida Woven Sandals in Off White 

Talk about traditional-looking ensemble, Aida Woven Sandals is another one that fits the category. 

When referencing shoes that will fit a traditional look and style, the Aida Woven Sandals comes to mind. With its wide, woven-effect upper strap and squared toe design, you can never go wrong with it especially if your attire has minimal designs. Designed with padded insoles and a square low heel at 2 inches, this classic pair ensures day-long comfort. 

Classic 100 Pointy Pumps in Midnight Blue

A stiletto heel and a classic point-toe silhouette is the epitome of bridal shoes, don’t you think?

For decades, the must have for bridal wear has been stiletto heels and a classic point-toe silhouette. Checking all of the right requirements is a pair of C100. With the C standing for classic, it is not a surprise that these 4 inch heels have been a must have. Crafted in Nappa leather with leather lining and padded insole, our Classic 100 Pointy Pumps offers you maximum comfort while keeping your look classic and functional.

With four different colour options, Light Taupe, Brown, Midnight Blue and Black, they can easily match with your wedding ensemble and are functional for everyday wear after the wedding. 


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