Nelissa Hilman x SO.LEK

Nelissa Hilman x SO.LEK
Has your nail colour stopped you wearing from a certain shoe before? The SO.LEK team has got you covered - here's how we would match it!
Pair Kundang with the cutest sandals in town, Manja.
Be the star of the show with Bintang on your feet and your new go-to shade, Beri.
Your must-have heels this season, Purnama looks better than ever with the combination of Betik on your nails.
Who would've thought that this guava pink shade, Markisa looks perfect with our Tessa.
This colour combination might be one of our favourites! Love how the striking Plum goes perfectly with our Murni in saddle tan.
This 90's inspired pair, Dayang flats is easily the coolest pair to wear out and we're obsessed with the colour combo with Langsat 2.0!
Looking for a true red shade to go on your nails? Tembikai is definitely the one for you. We love the striking combo with our mustard slingback heels, Anum.
Your unconventional yet stylish, Dayang stands out with this light pink shade, Laici.
Best way to stand out in a crowd is definitely to combine black & red together. Get your instant cool with our Bintang heels and Delima on your nails.


Which nail colour combo is your favourite? 


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