It's a "Barbie" Girl! The NH "Barbie" Edit

It's a "Barbie" Girl! The NH "Barbie" Edit

July is the month of the cinematic giants descending onto our local cinemas. With the plethora of major motion pictures coming out for their debut to celebrate and add to the cultural zeitgeist, one major film stands out to us and that is the "Barbie" movie. We are so enthusiastically counting down to the day of the premiere. And if you’re getting ready to be dressed in a "Barbie" inspired look for the movie like us or if you’re simply looking for a splash of pink for your wardrobe, here is a list on all things "Barbie" inspired at Nelissa Hilman to get you ready for the premiere!

Before we begin, "Barbie" is a symbol of a blank canvas. Her very core is to encourage you to be empowered, bold and bright. She isn’t just the very embodiment of pink, she’s a statement and an icon dressed stylishly in her favourite clothes.

Stella Ankle Strap in Pink 

Stella is the very epitome of cute sexy comfort. High enough heel to keep you comfortable and elevated with an ankle strap to keep you snuggled tight. Introduced in 2022, the Stella is the dress heel for night outs and for long hours in the cinema!

Delila Lace-up Thong Heel Sandals in Blush

Barbie is a loving enigmatic friend to all. She also would love to see you in more than a stiletto or a pair of peep toes. This thong strap lace up heel is a part of our SS23 collection. Delila gives you an edge to stand out with the lace up thong look but maintains a comfortable elevation for long time everyday wear. 

 Caped-panel Poplin Shirt

The caped- panel Poplin is our take on the very quintessential Poplin shirt. A cape for a little drama, and pink to sweeten the deal. Channel the pink confidence in your everyday look with this shirt for your daily dose of fun with some subtle hues

 Aura Ankle Strap Heel (Holographic silver)

Between high heels and hot pinks, "Barbie" is also a fan of sparkly and shiny accessories and heels. The Aura simply checks all of the boxes yet maintains an air of subtle sophistication. High, holographic and a little sparkly.

Folded Cuff Shirt (Copper Orange)

Besides pink and holograph prints, being "Barbie" ready means clothes and accessories that are statement pieces. A copper orange piece, the folded cuff shirt is a short sleeved favourite of ours especially when it comes to pieces that require little to no ironing. 

We hope this small edit can help you find the perfect piece to be worn not just for the fun night outs and for those special occasions but also to help you boost your confidence no matter how big your steps are. 



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