June 2020

June 2020
How's MCO been treating you? We're so glad that rules are loosened and we're allowed back out! Shoes in the closet has just been calling us outttt. Don't shy away from the camera and tag us - we will absolutely send some love your way. 
Pattern on pattern? We love to see it! Obsessed with @lilyrahmn's combination of the Celina. Wear it out with bright & eye-catching colours and it will be the star of the show.
Say hello to Lily's more casual & laidback sister, Seri. The ticket to a simple-chic outfit and we definitely see it on @alyssajohaan
Intan is back in fun metallic colours! @makeupbyumminasir chose the metallic bronze and it looks peeeerrfect on her! Wear it with your favourite jeans and you're good to go. 
Looking for a comfortable heels that stands only at 2.5 inches? Lela is the one for you. @spheaa wore her Lela out with the prettiest ruffled white shirt and a pair of jeans - perfect!