Essential Socks


Fresh from the KLFW 2022 runway, we proudly presents to you with our most luxurious socks collection. The silky, shiny surface is elegant and feels soft against the skin.

Socks that are fitting for you that pay attention to the little details, the juxtaposition of your attire, meeting your casual and daily styling needs, enriching your personal outfit with the details that matter.


Combed mercerised cotton, nylon and elastane weaved, with an ideal thread count to achieve a new elevated feel of comfort in & out of the socks.

70% mercerised cotton, 20% spandex, 10% nylon

Flexibility A well-fitted pair brings a freedom of movement and comfort to your feet, a fresh new feel to go about your day.

Great Moisture Wicking

Breathable socks, keeping your feet dry and well-ventilated throughout the day.

Seamless Toe Closure With a comfy toe seam construction, you won’t feel the seams in our socks, eliminating any discomfort on the toe bones caused by friction from prolonged use.
Height 200mm
Handcrafted Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia