SS22: Journey in Grace (Grounded)

SS22: Journey in Grace (Grounded)

Photographed by Amani Azlin

Feet stands closest to earth. You carry clothes, but shoes carry you.

Our SS22 campaign, Journey in Grace (Grounded) was inspired by the renewed journey of the brand, as we do our best to accept change and form a new sense of self, negotiating a new kind of reality. It was a profound time for reflection and reset as we find our footing with a refreshed vision, a decade from when we started in 2012. 

Our campaign aims to showcase different types of feet and woman that champion our push for inclusivity. The open casting was done on Instagram. 

Available from sizes 34 to 42, the collection features re-worked classics and best-sellers from the past collections, updated in new materials and colour.


Nurliyana Rosli with the Kesuma Pleated Heel Mules in Cool Grey

Nurliyana Rosli in Dhia Strappy Heel Sandals in Cinnamon 

Yvonne Chong in Elena Tubular Flat Sandals

Yvonne Chong in Salma Oval Point Heel Sandals in Sage Green

Rocyie Wong in Aurora Flat Mules in Pink 

Sara Hussin in Eva Tubular Strap Flat Sandals

Sara Hussin in Aurora Heel Mules in Off White


Special thanks to: 

Executive Producer Nelissa Hilman
Producer Chew Siew Keat
Assistant Producer Norsharina Aziz
Stylist  Jonathan Liang
Photographer Amani Azlin
Photography Assistant Saiful Azwan
Lighting Zoell Bazil 
Social Media Nadine Jasmine (Sebenar Studio)
Cheryl Lee
Art Team Irfan Al Juffry (Perceive Enterprise)
Farahani Mahdi
Talents Sara Hussin
Rocyie Wong
Yvonne Chong
Nurliyana Rosli





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