Eid Celebration 2022: High Heels for Women

Eid Celebration 2022: High Heels for Women

The Eid celebrations are around the corner once again. The annual festivities often calls for new sets of gorgeous outfits fit for the occasion. It is both exciting and daunting to get dressed, to get back out there, and rekindle with family and friends. It is only fitting that after getting a new sets of clothes that one invests in a new pair of shoes that provides comfort and style. 

To help you get back in the groove, we have compiled a few shoe guide that will put a spring into your step. To keep it interesting, consider building your outfit from the toe up. Because we all know that shoes are the first thing that people notice about you. 

Here is a quick guide to high heels 101 so that you may show up at family gatherings and reunions looking like your best self while staying comfortable. 


Types of high heels

A festive occasion calls for accesories. Head accessories, handbags and shoes are must-haves for those morning Eid posts. A pair of comfortable yet trendy-looking shoes should be on par with your outfit but which type should you purchase?

Kitten Heels

Hafsa Knotted Sandals in Black 

Aida Woven Sandals in Light Brown

Similar to a pair of high heels, kitten heels differ by featuring a lower height while maintaining the look of a pair of heels. Standing about 1.5 inches tall,  kitten heels are a perfect balance for those who are looking for that chic, slight raise but not the absolute height that comes with stilettos. 

Low Heel Sandals

Aurora Heel Mules in Off White 

Kesuma Pleated Heel Mules in Latte

Just like kitten heels, low heel sandals stands between 1.5 to 2 inches tall and we have a range of designs. What makes low heel sandals different is the design of the heel itself. Some of these sandals come with a block heel and some come in tapered design. 

High Heels 

Classic 100 Pointy Pumps in Light Taupe 

High heels stands at 4 inches tall and are an instant recognisable pair. Often characterised and recognised by their long and pointy tip, a true definition of head in the clouds while being grounded. 



Classic 70 Leather Heels in Black

Slightly lower than stilettos, pumps are covered shoes that stands between 2 to 3 inches. These heels are most probably the most versatile as they can be worn in any occasion and paired with any outfit.

Flat Sandals

Olivia Flat Mules in Cappuccino

Standing at 0.5 inches tall, flats are an honourable mention and the lowest heel height among all other types. Perfect for any occasion, flats are comfy and a stylish pair can make a look almost instantly. Flats also have a huge following with most favouring its versatility and ability to fit into any type of occasion with maximum comfortability. 

Choosing the right high heels

Did you know that the perfect time to visit a shoe store and make your purchase is actually in the evening? This is because a human’s feet will normally shrink in the morning and gradually expand throughout the day.

Before buying your high heels, try the shoes out by walking around the store and ensure there is ample space for your toes to wriggle. If you feel comfortable in it, go ahead and make that purchase.

If you are buying your shoes online, measure your feet correctly and refer to our brand sizing chart.

When looking for a good, comfortable pair of high heels, materials matter. While there may be a lot of options to choose from, choose materials that works for you, either fabric, PU or leather. 



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