Sandals: Perfect Choices For Your Spring 2022

Sandals: Perfect Choices For Your Spring 2022

On a spring day, sandals are absolutely a must have for those long walks in the park while enjoying the cool weather. With the amount of gorgeous sandals out there we understand how it can be a little bit overwhelming to pick the right fit for you. Here's how you can walk around comfortably looking like your best self with the right sandal.

Sandals for different occasions 
When looking for new sandals, narrow down your options for which sandals will fit the right occasion. Different uses calls for different sandal heights. 

Find your right size
Good sandals should have some room at the footbed’s end. It allows for some wiggle to check that your heel do not protrude from the sandal. The size of your sandals can help avoid strain to your feet causing joint injuries.

Arch support 
To keep your feet secure and well balanced, choose a sandal with arch support and supportive straps. The health, comfort and alleviation of feet are all dependent on arch support. 

Here are some of our picks :

Make It Happen In / Outdoor Slippers

Functioning as both outdoor and indoor slippers, made with microfibre and padded insole for added comfort, a pair of these gorgeous covered lovelies will help you perfect your step. If you choose to wear them outdoors, pair them with casual pair of shorts and tee and you're good to go and conquer the day!

Salma Button Toe Low Heels

Featuring a block heel and square platforms, a pair of Salma's can help redefine your look while feeling ever oh so comfortable. Made with 10 percent reclaimed rubber, the outsole provides you with grip on any surface at any time of the day. Simply throw a pair on along with your favourite dress and you're ready for a great day ahead. 

Dhia Strappy Sandals

One of our more classic heel sandals, these strappy gorgeous girls will help you to, literally, elevate your evening ensemble to new heights with a Mid Heel that helps you stay grounded while keeping you elevated. When you're getting ready, pair these strappy heel sandals with a dress for an evening look and pants for that business casual chic look. 

Alya Crossover Sandals

An all-time favourite, the Alya sandals are made of soft and smooth leather with a sturdy leather midsole. Helping in its creation is a family of artisan shoe manufacturers in Perak that employs locals in an effort to keep the art and tradition of handmade shoes alive while allowing other small independent suppliers to stay in business. In an effort to reduce production waste, the sandals are made with leftover leather from an Italian tannery. With such an extensive story behind its creation, Alya is also a very versatile sandal and is perfect for that casual and comfortable look with a pair of pants or even with a sundress.

Aida Woven Low Heel Sandal

Comfortable square shaped toes, woven-effect top, wide strap, and a low heel. This crowd favourite comes in off white and brown and is a basically a 101 on how to look good while staying comfortable. Put on a pair and walk tall with a dress or pants and blouse on, your pick of business casual or casual chic. 

Nina Thong-Strap Heel Sandals

Part of NH's Light collection, Nina is a classic favourite mainly due to its comfortability and versatility. Able to serve on any occasion as a casual slip on thong heel sandals, the upper is crated from ultra soft faux leather with padded insoles and a low heel. Slip on a pair with some silk pants or any bottom of your choice for any occasion, be it to the market, to the office to break glass ceilings or even to the movies. 


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